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Sharpening the saw

I wanted to share several resources that have helped me to grow theologically and ministerially. The following podcasts provide a weekly diet that stretches my thinking, keeps me more up-to-date on world Christianity, and provides me answers for skeptics and saints.

Unbelievable? Radio Program. This is my favorite program to listen to each week. Based in London, Justin Brierly expertly moderates a weekly discussion or debate between non-believers and Christians or between different Christian viewpoints. The topics range widely, but I have found about 80% of the shows fascinating. I find myself using snippets from Unbelievable? in my teaching and preaching ministry, often without even thinking about it.

Christ the Center. This weekly podcast is produced by a group of former Westminster Seminary students. The show focuses especially on Reformed theology and ministry. I have broadened my understanding of theology through this show. I would say that the participants have their particular interests, which may or may not coincide with mine or yours. For example, they love talking about Jonathan Edwards (me too), historical theology (amen), Cornelius Van Til (okay), Karl Barth (a little) and Geerhardus Vos (nope). If you want to hear a fascinating episode on Baptists to get a taste of the show, listen to this episode.

The Dividing Line. I enjoy James White’s debates with just about anyone. He has debated more than 100 people on topics such as the Trinity, the faithfulness of Scripture or Islam. I first ran across his ministry through the Unbelievable? show, but since then I’ve started to listen to his podcasts occasionally. I especially like how he analyzes positions of people who are confronting the faith.

I just thought I’d share these links with you, since some of you may not be familiar with these programs. I feel like I’ve continued to attend seminary with these shows, and best of all, they’re free!

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