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The Bible and Its Roots course

Biblia y sus raices

I’m three weeks into an eight-week course I’m teaching on “The Bible and its Roots in Modern Times.” We’re covering such areas as the organization of the Bible, the manuscripts of the Bible, textual criticism, the canon, and supposed errors in the Bible. Attendance of our church people has been a little down, but we’ve been blessed to have three pastors from different churches here in Santa Marta attending.

I wanted to mention two sites that I had not seen before. Internet has truly revolutionized studies of ancient manuscripts.

The first site has a copy of the Isaiah scroll from the Dead Sea Scrolls: . The first time I visited the site you could click on each Hebrew word and see a transcription on the right side, but that feature is currently down. At any rate, the resolution is incredible!

The second site does essentially the same thing for Codex Sinaiticus, which includes the oldest copy of the complete New Testament. This site provides a transcription of the Greek on the right when you click on a word in the Greek text. I’d previously been daunted by reading Greek with an older script, but using this site I have improved my understanding of the way they formed the letters and also of the abbreviations they used in ancient manuscripts.

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  • Jim December 4, 2013, 5:37 pm

    Awesome! I’ve done something similar in a study called “Where did the Bible Come From?” (¿De dónde vino la Biblia?) I would love to hear how you taught this. :)

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