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New evangelistic study

libres-portadaI just finished writing a four-lesson evangelistic study for our ministry context here in Santa Marta. I’m praying that this study will more effective than the other studies we have used. In the past we’ve been using “The Story of Hope” Bible study, which I like very much. Unfortunately it is a Bible study that requires many sessions in order to finish (I would estimate about three months of meeting each week). As you can imagine, this investment is not easy for either us or the people with whom we study.

In the same vein as other studies that are available here in Colombia (e.g. Proyecto Felipe), this study can be left with a new person. They do the study on their own, and then the mentor stops by to talk through the questions and answers.

I received permission from the publisher to include the actual biblical text in the study, so a new person doesn’t even need a Bible to do it.

The study is called ¡Libres!, which would translate as “Free!” in the sense that “the truth will make you free.” The first lesson looks at Ecclesiastes 1-2 to talk about the vanity of life without God. Lesson 2 deals with the Ten Commandments and our lost condition. In these first two lessons I concentrate on our tendency to idolatry. Lesson 3 begins to introduce the solution to our idolatry and sin: the Person of Jesus Christ. I unapologetically discuss God as Trinity as the basis for the Christian faith, and the two natures of Christ as God and man. In the last lesson, I direct the reader to understand how to receive Christ personally, looking at 2 Corinthians 5 and Romans 10.

As my coworker Alfredo has mentioned numerous times, the idea is to train our people to use this material and encourage them in that task. If it’s only our pet project, that won’t go far, but if our people embrace it, God can use it to share the gospel with many more people here in Santa Marta. Pray that this study would be used by God’s Holy Spirit to bring people to faith in the Lord Jesus.

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  • melody February 7, 2013, 4:51 pm

    It sounds like a great study, John!

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