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Religious note on Colombia

700px-Vatican_StPeter_SquareI’ve been enjoying the Vatican Files series over at Reformation 21 by Leonardo De Chirico. He’s been writing about the Vatican from an evangelical perspective, and I’ve learned something new in each of his posts. This month’s installment (Vatican Files no. 13) is especially interesting, since he uses a recent meeting of Colombian bishops with the Pope to make his point.

He looks at the question of why people are leaving the Roman Catholic Church. I agree with him about Colombia that it’s because of practical, rather than theological reasons. Most Colombians have a limited understanding of the doctrinal differences between Roman Catholicism and evangelical Christianity. For many the defining issue is our relationship to the Virgin and to the saints. One of the first questions we receive is, “What do you believe about the Virgin?” Others believe that as long as you’re trinitarian you’re okay…

At any rate, a series like the one we’re offering right now on theological foundations is key to impacting people’s worldview. It’s far to easy to have what we call in Spanish simpatizantes (something like “sympathizers”) in the church rather than committed disciples.


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