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A few thoughts from the coast

Old Fashioned pen_2I’ve been pretty busy lately. I’ll be preaching for the next three weeks, and I’m teaching the Theological Foundations I course with our church people. We’ve been covering the first half of our confession of faith. The response has been very positive to the first three classes.

On another sadder note, the Carter family, our American coworkers, have announced that they will be leaving Colombia at the end of this year for health reasons. In our next prayer letter I plan on writing a bit more about them, but I wanted to mention it here first.

We’ve been enjoying the Olympic games… it’s actually been the best coverage we’ve ever had because it’s via Internet without commentary. We can pick any one of the main events to watch. The Colombians have had a few medal winners, and it looks like they have several competitors in the finals for BMX. We enjoy seeing the U.S. team win, but it’s perhaps even more special to see the Colombians win because it’s a lot less common.

I wanted to mention a couple of websites I’ve found interesting or inspiring as of late. First, workflowy.com looks like perhaps the best work-flow application I’ve used. It’s very simple, but has been helping me so far to be more efficient. Dr. Reluctant, the blog of Paul Martin Henebury, has proven to spur my thinking, especially in relation to dispensationalism. Since most of my reading has been in the Reformed tradition lately (my thesis will be on John Gill, 18th century Baptist), it’s good to keep up on what a current dispensational theologian is saying, especially as he hails from Great Britain and has plenty of experience studying at schools known for their Covenant theology. Finally, I draw your attention to benstevens.de, a provocative website written by an American who lives in Berlin. More than anything I was interested in some of his future project ideas; for example, he wants to write a True/False catechism for children from 4 years of age to 3rd grade. Why didn’t I think of that?

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