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Working on the confession of faith for Impacto

Articulos de fe GARBCI’m often amazed at all of the jobs a missionary does. Trust me, not all of them are fun (I won’t give you details though), but some of them are very interesting. For example, I’ve been working this week on the next course I’ll be offering to our people on “theological foundations.” In preparation for the course, I thought more about what confession of faith to use for the outline of the course. With all respect to the Baptist churches in Bogota, I don’t really like the confession they’ve been using. It contains confusing language and some forms of expression that are not helpful to understanding the doctrines they seek to explain (for example, it says that Christ was “100% God and 100% man” – not a happy way of expressing Christ’s full deity and humanity).

I’ve determined I’ll use the 1689 Second London Confession and the GARBC articles of faith (updated in 2009) to guide our class lectures. The GARBC articles of faith were not translated, so I worked them up in Spanish this week. I’m definitely thankful for Google Translator, which does a decent job of initial translation. I sent them to my friend Kevin at the GARBC office, and he’s going to have some native speakers review my translation.

Although I like the GARBC confession in many respects, I was also struck by some of its idiosyncracies. For example, it skips from article two on The True God to article three on The Holy Spirit. What happened to the Son? According to Kevin, “legacy issues” from the New Hampshire Confession are the culprit.

At any rate, I think I’ll use the GARBC articles as the bedrock of our confession of faith at Impacto Bíblico, making a few additions to supplement the weak areas.

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