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Accepted in the Th.M. program at Toronto Baptist

I’ve been officially accepted at the Toronto Baptist Seminary in the Th.M. program in historical theology. Don’t worry, I’m not leaving Colombia, but this program is very flexible. The idea is to travel to Toronto in August for a week to take a research methods class. Then I’ll begin to work on my research in three different areas of church history. I’m still contemplating which periods or theologians to study, although I’ll be doing my thesis on John Gill, an 18th Century Baptist.

Dr. Michael Haykin will be my advisor, so that should be a real pleasure. He’s a wonderful church historian who especially has concentrated on the early church fathers and Baptist history. Once I begin the three research courses in 2013, I’ll have two years to finish the program.

I’ve always felt like I’d like to sharpen my theological and historical skills with another degree. When my Faith Baptist Theological Seminary coffee mug shattered on the floor (after 10 years of drinking from it), I knew it was time to get another one. In all seriousness, I’m attracted to the scholar/pastor or pastor/scholar model. Very little good material exists in Spanish on Baptist church history. Perhaps God will allow me to make a small contribution towards meeting that need.

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